Alessandro Gandini: Uncovering the Identity of a Chiaroscuro Woodcutter by JAN JOHNSON   3
The Print Drawer of the Coaci Inkstand by JANE IMMLER SATKOWSKI   14
Gyre and Gimble: The Artist Books of Takei Takeo (1894–1983) by RACHEL SAUNDERS   23

Shorter Notices
Rembrandt’s Reclining Nude Reconsidered by ELMER KOLFIN   39
Whatever is Coveted will be Forged: Forgers Set Their Sights on Contemporary Prints by HUBERTUS BUTIN   44

Fifteenth-Century Drawings and Prints from the Louvre by LAURA ALDOVINI    54
The Writings of Hans Folz by SHIRA BRISMAN    56
The Augsburg Geschlechterbuch by ASHLEY D. WEST    56
      Alsatian Book Illustration Revisited by JEAN MICHEL MASSING    59
Rembrandt in Russia by NICHOLAS STOGDON    60
Hinterglasmalerei (Reverse Glass Painting) by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    61
Johann Evangelist Holzer by ALASTAIR LAING    63
James Barry by MICHAEL PHILLIPS    65
The First Panoramas by RALPH HYDE    67
John Thomas Serres by MARTIN HOPKINSON    69
Luigi Schiavonetti: Servant of Two Masters by CHIZUKO OWADA    71
Fine Art Publishing in Victorian England by ALEXANDRA AULT    73
International Arts Online by TAYLOR MCCALL    73
Elizabeth Colborne by MARTIN HOPKINSON    74
Ocean Liner Posters by ANNA BLAIR    75
Schmidt-Rottluff’s Woodblocks by AYA SOIKA    77
German Artists Witness Two World Wars by ELLY TSOUTSIAS    78
Picasso Linocuts by MARTIN HOPKINSON    79
Conversations from Zammiello’s Print Studio by PAUL COLDWELL    83
Print Studio Events by ELIZABETH REEDE    85
The Mechanical Hand by CAROLINE MANGANARO    86
Correction    87

 Catalogue and Book Reviews
Antonio Lafreri’s Religious Prints by ECKHARD LEUSCHNER    87
The Business of Prints in Amsterdam’s Golden Age by JACO RUTGERS    90
Pierre Lepautre (1652–1716) by PETER FUHRING    93
The Efflorescence of French and English Caricature by JAMES CUNO    96
The Strobridge Company’s Circus Posters by NANCY FINLAY    99
Peter Blake: One Man Show by BEN THOMAS    103
Markus Raetz by LAUREN LAZ    106
Print/Out: 20 Years in Print by RONI FEINSTEIN    109
Paula Rego by SUE HUBBARD    112



The Chiaroscuro Woodcuts of the Master ND at Fontainebleau by CATHERINE JENKINS    131
An Etching of the Cappella dei Principi in Florence by MARIO BEVILACQUA    144
Ivan Shishkin as Etcher and his 32 States of Gurzuf by GALINA MARDILOVICH    155

Shorter Notices
Girolamo Mocetto and the Antique by GERT JAN VAN DER SMAN    165
Inflammatory Visions: Charles Wade Crump's Cawnpore Massacre Prints by PETER HARRINGTON    170
The Arts League of Service in London, 1919–28 by MARTIN HOPKINSON    179

Mapping Ethnography by JEAN MICHEL MASSING    182
Celebrating Maximilian I’s Augsburg by ELIZABETH UPPER    183
Who with Whom on Mount Olympus? by SUSANNE MEURER    186
Luca Penni by SUZANNE BOORSCH    187
Cesare Ripa’s Iconologia by MASSIMILIANO ROSSI    188
Jan Stolker’s Specious Mezzotint of Jacques de Mosscher by ROBERT E. GERHARDT    189
Rembrandt’s Altered Etchings by AUDE PRIGOT    191
The Westmorland Again by MARTIN HOPKINSON    191
Janinet by RICHARD TAWS    194
Engravings in Early Nineteenth-Century France by CAMILLA MURGIA    196
French Posters by HOWARD COUTTS    197
Max Klinger by ELIZABETH PRELINGER    200
William Ratcliffe by MARTIN HOPKINSON    201
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Secessionist Prints by JUDITH BRODIE    202
Revolution on Paper by TERESA ECKMANN    203
Inuit Prints and Japan by MARTIN HOPKINSON    206
Italo Zetti by ROBERTA CREMONCINI    208
Alan Reynolds by MARTIN HOPKINSON    209
Cécile Reims by KATE MCCRICKARD    211
Pistoletto by MARTIN HOPKINSON    214
John Byrne by RAY MCKENZIE    215
Neo Rauch by JOHN-PAUL STONARD    216
Lubok in Leipzig by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN    217
Benjamin Badock by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN    218
The Artist’s Multiple Reconsidered by LAURENCE SCHMIDLIN    219
Banksy by JOHN PHILLIPS    221

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Italian Frontispieces of the Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries by ILARIA ANDREOLI    222
Pieter Soutman by VICTORIA SANCHO LOBIS    226
Bohemian Prints of the Seventeenth Century by SIMON TURNER    228
Foreign Engravers in Baroque Spain by NADINE ORENSTEIN    232
Jugendstil Graphik Design by CHRISTIAN WEIKOP    235
Picasso’s Vollard Suite by ALEXANDRA PARIGORIS    238
Jasper Johns by WENDY WEITMAN    243



Giulio Roberti and Francesco Salamanca by VALERIA PAGANI    259
Israel Henriet, the Chatsworth Album and the Publication of the Work of Jacques Callot by ANTONY GRIFFITHS and HUGO CHAPMAN    273
Antonio Masutti and the Political Caricatures of Il Don Pirlone by ISABELLA LODI-FE CHAPMAN    293

Shorter Notice
The Intaglio Prints of Maggi Hambling by DONATO ESPOSITO    308

A Quiz for our Readers    314
Michelangelo and the English Martyrs by MICHAEL BURY    315
Goltzius and Printmaking around 1600 by MARJOLEIN LEESBERG    316
Jacques Callot by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    317
Salvatore Castiglione’s Oriental Head by MATHEW NORMAN    318
Private Tuscan Collections by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    319
Karl Friedrich Schinkel by HEIN-TH. SCHULZE ALTCAPPENBERG    320
The Great Saint Bernard Pass by MARTIN HOPKINSON    321
Maciej Bogusz Stęczyński. Forgotten Globetrotter by WALDEMAR DELUGA    323
French Influences in Early American Lithography by DAVID TATHAM    324
Lubok by WALDEMAR DELUGA    326
Restrikes: Joan Miró by WILLIAM COLE    329
Tranquillo Marangoni by UMBERTO GIOVANNI    330
Paul Coldwell by GILL SAUNDERS    331
Jaume Plensa by WILLIAM JEFFETT    333

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Northern Printmakers and Publishers in Rome, 1590 to 1630 by MICHAEL BURY    336
Vasari and the Renaissance Print by CHARLES HOPE    340
German and Dutch Broadsides of the Seventeenth Century by NADINE M. ORENSTEIN    342
Robert Nanteuil by DAVID MASKILL    345
Spanish Prints and Drawings at the British Museum by JESUSA VEGA    347
Surimono by ELLIS TINIOS    350
Shock of the News by JORDAN BEAR    353
Al Taylor by ALLEGRA PESENTI    357
Gert & Uwe Tobias by RHODA EITEL-PORTER     361



Albrecht Dürer, Hans Burgkmair and the Practice of Early Etching by ASHLEY D. WEST    379
Suecia antiqua et hodierna An Architectural Viewbook in the Eighteenth Century by KRISTOFFER NEVILLE    395
James Anderson Rose, First Major Collector of Whistler Etchings by MARTIN HOPKINSON    408
Shorter Notices
Caught in the Act: John Bill Ricketts as Glimpsed by Thomas Bewick by NIGEL TATTERSFIELD    422
Jane Joseph’s Etchings for Primo Levi by PAUL GRIFFITHS    426
Quiz Solved    435
Johannes Schöner’s Sammelband by JEAN MICHEL MASSING    435
Jews in America by EDNA NAHSHON    436
The De Bry and the World by JEAN MICHEL MASSING    437
Frans Floris, parts I and II by NANCY BIALLER    440
Renaissance Power of Music by PATRICIA EMISON    442
Stradanus by MICHAEL BURY    443
Piranesi, Archaeology and the Architectural Imagination in the Eighteenth Century by DAVID R. MARSHALL    445
Châlons-en-Champagne by HENRI ZERNER    448
John Clerk of Eldin by JAMES HOLLOWAY    450
Léopold and Aurèle Robert by STEPHEN BANN    451
Luigi Calamatta by STEPHEN BANN    452
Balzac and Grandville by ANNE LEONARD    453
Christian Rohlfs by ANTONY GRIFFITHS    454
Carl-Heinz Kliemann by ELLY TSOUTSIAS    454
Clinton Adams by JOANN MOSER    455
Printmakers against Franco by DAWN ADES    458
Érik Desmazières by MARIE CLAUDE MIRANDETTE    459
Luc Tuymans by ALEXANDER ADAMS    460
Estampas de la Raza by TERESA ECKMANN    462
Prints, Foul Play, Felony and Fiction by FRANCES CAREY    465
Change of Administrator    466
Catalogue and Book Reviews
The Loreto Crypts in Prague by THOMAS DACOSTA KAUFMANN    466
Reading Victorian Illustration by STEPHEN WILDMAN    469
 A History of Intaglio Printmaking by MARJORIE COHN    474
The Japanese and French Print in the Era of Impressionism by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN and ELLIS TINIOS    478


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