NUMBER 1    

Proofs in Eighteenth-century French Printmaking by ANTONY GRIFFITHS  3
The Printing of Blake's America a Prophesy, by MICHAEL PHILLIPS  18
Thoughts and Recollections by ALLEN JONES  39
The Source for the Rhinoceros, by JIM MONSON  50
More Spencer Albums by MARJORIE COHEN  54
Early Mezzotints Display by SIMON TURNER  58
Rembrandt in the Stadel by CRAIG HARTLEY  58
Thomas Sidney Cooper by MARTIN HOPKINSON  58
Yoshitoshi by ELLIS TINIOS  59
Manet at the Prado by ANTONY GRIFFITHS  60
Ukiyo-E in Body Tattoos by ELLIS TINIOS  60
Thomas Jeckyll by MARTIN HOPKINSON  60
Rodin and Victor Hugo by MARTIN HOPKINSON  60
R Swain Gifford by MARTIN HOPKINSON  62
Alexis Forel by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN  63
The Whistler Review by MARTIN HOPKINSON  64
Whistler's England by MARTIN HOPKINSON  65
Whistler at Rock Island by MARTIN HOPKINSON  65
Ethelbert White by MARTIN HOPKINSON  65
The Turn of the Century by ANTONY GRIFFITHS  66
Fautrier by MARTIN HOPKINSON  71
Dieter Roth by BARBARA BADER  73
O'Donoghue without the Prints by CRAIG HARTLEY  73
Will Barnet and Kathy Caraccio by MARTIN HOPKINSON  74
Carlisle Printmakers by MARTIN HOPKINSON  75
Catalogue and Book Reviews
Prints and Painting in Renaissance Scotland by DUNCAN THOMSON  75
Eighteenth-century London by MIREILLE GALINOU  77
Russian Avant-garde by SUSAN P. COMPTON  79
The British Wood-engraving Revival  by JOANNA SELBORNE  84
Chicano Posters by CATHERINE FLOOD  94
Chinese Woodcuts by NAOMI PEARS  96

On Counterproofs by MARIE-CHRISTINE SEIGNEUR  115
Floriano Vecchi and the Tiber Press by RIVA CASTLEMAN  127
Beck or the Petrarch Master by GUIDO MESSLING  146
A Source for Rembrandt's Beheading of St John the Baptist, by JACO RUTGERS  154
A Galestruzzi Rediscoverd by STEPHEN A. BERGQUIST  156

Another Addition to Burgkmair by MARK MCDONALD  159
Little Masters in Strasbourg by JEAN WIRTH  160
Fantuzzi and Davent by CATHERINE JENKINS  161
Hungarian Emblematics by ALEKSANDRA KOUTNY  162
Not Giovanni Benedetto but Salvatore Castiglione by JACO RUTGERS  163
Cries of London by CELINA FOX  164
Thomas Johnson by ANTONY GRIFFITHS  165
Hokusai by ELLIS TINIOS  166
George Romney by ANTONY GRIFFITHS  166
Japanese Warrior Prints by ELLIS TINIOS  167
Napoleon in Caricature by ANTONY GRIFFITHS  167
Turner and Birmingham Engravers by MARTIN HOPKINSON  168
The Etching Club by MARTIN HOPKINSON  168
Nineteenth-Century French Wood Engraving by CELINA FOX  169
Etchings by George Cuitt by PETER BOUGHTON 171
Kuniyoshi's Warrior Prints by ELLIS TINIOS  171
Prints at Hull by MARTIN HOPKINSON  171
Database of French Prints  171
Ukiyo-E in Honolulu by ELLIS TINIOS  172
Rops's Curiosa by MARTIN HOPKINSON  172
After Whistler by MARTIN HOPKINSON  173
French Orientalism by MARTIN HOPKINSON  173
James Cadenhead by MARTIN HOPKINSON  174
Ethel Gabain by MARTIN HOPKINSON  174
Kawase Hasui by ELLIS TINIOS  175
William Gear by MARTIN HOPKINSON  176
Peter Lanyon by MARTIN HOPKINSON  177
Alecto and the Furies by PAT GILMOUR  177
Robert Motherwell by DAVE AND REBA WHITE WILLIAMS  178
Pierre Buraglio by MARTIN HOPKINSON  178
Palézieux by MARTIN HOPKINSON  179
Yvonne Jacquette by DAVE AND REBA WHITE WILLIAMS  179
South Pacific Printmaking by JULIAN SPALDING  181
Catalogue and Book Reviews
 Prints in Manuscripts by RICHARD S. FIELD  182
German and Austrian Ex-libris by BENOÎT JUNOD  189
Collecting Prints in Germany by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN  190
Braquemond by MARTIN HOPKINSON  193
Kirchner by AYA SOIKA  195
Vieillard by PETER BLACK  199
Blickpunkt 1926 by JEREMY AYNSLEY  201
Benjamin Miller by JAKE MILGRAM WIEN  204
Hodgkin by TESSA SIDEY  208
Editions Alecto by JEREMY LEWISON  212
Prints and False Antiquities in the Age of Raphael by MADELEINE VILJOEN  235
Joseph Pennell and the Art of Transfer Lithography by LINDA STIBER MORENUS  249
Political Prints in Singapore by LIM CHENG TJU  266
Prints from the Pochayiv Monastery by WALDEMAR DELUGA  282

A Quiz for our Readers  289
Jérôme Nadal by MICHAEL BURY  290
Prints and the Mughals by JEAN MICHEL MASSING  290
Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi by ISABELLA LODI-FÉ CHAPMAN  292
Gérard de Lairesse and Bloemart by STEFANO PIERGUIDI  293
The Galleria Giustiniani Prints by MICHAEL BURY  295
Husbands, Wives and Lovers by ANTONY GRIFFITHS  296
More on Counterproofs by ANTONY GRIFFITHS  297
Liotard by MARTIN HOPKINSON  298
The Effects of Copyright by ANTONY GRIFFITHS  299
Sir John Soane's Library by MARTIN HOPKINSON  299
Benjamin Read by Ralph Hyde and VALERIE CUMMING  300
Audubon by RALPH HYDE  301
Honoré Daumier by RUDOLF JOSCHE  303
France's Mediaeval Revival by MARTIN HOPKINSON  304
A Projected Whistler Mezzotint by MARTIN HOPKINSON  304
Whistler and his Contemporaries in Venice by MARTIN HOPKINSON  305
Patrick Geddes by MARTIN HOPKINSON  305
Jan Toorop Portraits by MARTIN HOPKINSON  306
Marius Bauer by MARTIN HOPKINSON  309
Henk Melgers by MARTIN HOPKINSON  310
Wendingen by MARTIN HOPKINSON  310
German Expressionist Prints by AYA SOIKA  313
Jacob Lawrence by REBA AND DAVE WILLIAMS  316
Giacometti's Paris Sans Fin by MARTIN HOPKINSON  316
Albert Garrett by MARTIN HOPKINSON  317
Fred Williams by PETER NAHUM  317
Lowry's View by RALPH HYDE  321
Giovanni Testori by MARTIN HOPKINSON  321
As is When by MARTIN HOPKINSON  321
Alberto Burri by MARTIN HOPKINSON  322
Paper Cities by RALPH HYDE  323
Transit View by MARTIN HOPKINSON  323
Images of St Paul's  323
London and Seoul Print Art by PAT GILMOUR  323
Bedford's Print Collection by MARTIN HOPKINSON  325
The Tabarroni Collection  326
The Dresden Print Room by ANTONY GRIFFITHS  326
How to Identify Prints by RALPH HYDE  327
Catalogue and Book Reviews
Prints and the Upper Rhine by JEAN MICHEL MASSING  328
Illuminating the Renaissance by MARK P. MCDONALD  331
Colour Prints in Eighteen-century France by JOHN ITTMAN  338
American Botanical Prints by GILL SAUNDERS  340

Marcantonio's Lost Modi and their copies by JAMES GRANTHAM TURNER  363
The Workshop of Pere Abadal by IMMACULADA SOCIAS  385
Myrioramas, Endless Landscapes: The Story of a Craze by RALPH HYDE  403
Meryon at Chantilly by ANTOINE CAHEN  421

Dürer's Hermit back from Tallinn by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN  431
The Vienna Phantom by JAMES GRANTHAM TURNER  431
Flemish Landscape by ALEXANDRA ONUF  433
Robert Robinson by MARTIN HOPKINSON  434
Art in Wurttemberg by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN  435
Williams Hodges by MARTIN HOPKINSON  436
The Changing Garden by LINDA PARSHALL  437
Art of the Garden by MARTIN HOPKINSOn  438
American Etchers Abroad by MARTIN HOPKINSON  438
Jongkind by MARTIN HOPKINSON  439
Khnopff by MARTIN HOPKINSON  439
Italian Symbolist Prints by MARTIN HOPKINSON  440
Caprices Japonais by MARTIN HOPKINSON  441
Mattis Teutsch's Soulflowers by MARTIN HOPKINSON  442
Flemish Expressionism by MARTIN HOPKINSON  442
Pechstein by AYA SOIKA  444
André Lhote by MARTIN HOPKINSON  444
Carlo Carrà by MARTIN HOPKINSON  445
Brangwyn and Frank Alford by MARTIN HOPKINSON  446
Italian Film Posters by CATHERINE FLOOD  449
Robert Filliou by MAUD CAPELLE  451
Richard Diebenkorn by MARTIN HOPKINSON  452
Almina Dovati Fusi by MARTIN HOPKINSON  454
Charles Donker by MANFRED SELLINK  454
Jan Peter Thorbecke by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN  457 
Alexander Walker Bequest by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN  458
Some Recent Publications by ANTONY GRIFFITHS  458
Light and the Dutuit Brothers by NADINE M. ORENSTEIN  459
The Rouir Collection by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN 459
The Gecht Collection by STEPHEN GODDARD  460
Catalogue and Book Reviews
Prince Cesi, Galileo and Modern Natural History by PAMELA H. SMITH  461
Views of Schwalbach by MARGARETHA KRÄMER  463
Rudolf Meyer by PETER PRANGE  465
Images of Don Quixote by STEPHEN BOYD  467
Giovanni David by F. CARLO SCHMID  469
Kawamura Bumpo by MELINDA TAKEUCHI  472
Japanese Printmaking in Context by JULIE NELSON DAVIES  475
Vouloir by MARTIN HOPKINSON  477 


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