Number 1


‘An Extreme Cunning Fellow’: Copley’s Memorial Engraving to the 2nd Earl of Bessborough by rachel finnegan   3
Whistler Etchings: New Observations by meg hausberg    11
Woodcut in Motion: Time in the Prints of Christiane Baumgartner by jasper kettner    21
Nuremberg Master Goldsmiths’ Applications in Print, 1614-1786 by ilse o’dell    38



The Earliest Engraving? by peter parshall   42

A Roman Fresco, Giulio Romano and two Prints by stefano peirguidi   43

Rembrandt’s Birthday by christian rümelin   45

William Henry Toms   45

Valentine Green's Mezzotint after Wright of Derby by martin hopkinson   45

Heinrich Theodor Wehle by christian rümelin   46

Carrière by martin hopkinson   49

The McNairs by martin hopkinson  51

James Pryde by martin hopkinson  51

Charles Shannon by martin hopkinson  53

Luigi Russolo by martin hopkinson  53

Léon Spilliaert by martin hopkinson  55

Brockhurst by martin hopkinson  55

The Rupf Collection by martin hopkinson  56

François Lunven by martin hopkinson  57

The Stamperia D’Arte Albicocco by martin hopkinson  57

Arnaldo Pomodoro by martin hopkinson  58

Printmakers in the Age of Anxiety by christian rümelin  59

Prints at the ETH by christian rümelin  59

The University of Kent by martin hopkinson  60

Some Publications Received by antony griffiths  60

A New Method for Dating Prints by christian rümelin  61


Catalogue and Book Reviews

Tempesta by gert jan van der sman    62
Piranesi by robin middleton    65
James Barry by martin  myrone    68
Prints of the American West by ralph hyde    73
Thomas Moran by andrew wilton    78
The Pennsylvania German Broadside by john roger paas    79
Contemporary Printmaking by tessa sidey    81
Creative Restoration of Prints by adrian eeles    83


Number 2


The Print Market in Liverpool in the Late Eighteenth Century by martin  hopkinson    107
Byzantine Art in Kiev in the Chromolithographs of Lemercier by waldemar deluga    115
The Early Career of Grace Albee  by christina moisant weyl    126
Nicoletto da Modena and Giovanni Larciani by louis a. waldman    141
Guercino’s First Idea for his Etching of St Antony of Padua  by nicholas turner    145



Sixteenth-Century Images by michael bury  149

Lambert Lombard by larry silver  149

The Elkind Collection  151

Art and Alchemy in the Renaissance by margaret m. mcgowan  151

Another Goltzius Plaque by antony griffiths  152

Jean Morin by rosemary miles  153

A German Drawing after an English Print by c. a. lennox-boyd  153

Inigo Jones by antony griffiths  154

Hogarth as Musical Satirist by sheila o’connell  154

Bennett’s Madness by antony griffiths   155

Freemasonry by james stevens curi  155

The Magic Flute by james stevens curi  157

The Bath Chronicle by martin hopkinson  158

George Cuitt Appeal by peter boughton  158

Illustrating the Ancient Mariner by paul goldman  158

Modern Life in Paris by martin hopkinson  159

Whistler Lithographs at Davis by martin hopkinson  160

Duilio Cambellotti by martin hopkinson  160

Paul Cassirer by christian rümelin  161

Brangwyn’s first Etchings by martin hopkinson  162

Printmaking in Maine by jerzy kierkuc-bielinski  162

Agnes Miller Parker by ian lowe  163

Matisse as Printmaker by christian rümelin  164
Albers and Moholy-Nagy by christian rümelin   165

Picasso and Graphic Design by jürgen döring  165

Warhol by christian rümelin   166

Two American Printmakers by antony griffiths  167

The Society of Wood-Engravers by martin hopkinson  167

Umberto Mastroianni by martin hopkinson  167

The Premio di Forni by martin hopkinson  168

Richard Hamilton by antony griffiths  168

Wolf Vostell by christian rümelin  169

Franz Gertsch by christian rümelin  170

Gonzalo Páramo by martin hopkinson  172

The Browns Collection by antony griffiths  172

Dole’s Print Collection by martin hopkinson  173

The Kenneth Tyler Collection in Canberra by martin hopkinson  174

Visions du Déluge by antony griffiths  174

Pictures within Pictures by antony griffiths  174

Feuille a Feuille by carol blackett-ord  175

Luigi Majno by antony griffiths  175

Correction  175


Catalogue and Book Reviews

Prints and the Commedia dell’Arte by marc bayard    176
Early Modern Etchers by sue welsh reed    177
Rembrandt as Etcher by peter van der coelen    181
De Laborde’s Voyage . . . de l’Espagne  by tanya szrajber    186
Willumsen by allison morehead    188
Wearing Propaganda by lesley jackson    192
Women American Artists by reba white williams    194
Lucio Fontana by martin  hopkinson    200
Che Guevara by david kunzle    203
Emblemata by simon  mckeown    206


Number 3


Antonfrancesco Doni’s Medaglie by wendy thompson    223
The Progeny of Prince James: Sources and States by  david carnegie and david gunby    238
A New State for Dürer’s St Jerome by the Pollard Willow  by maurizio michelozzi     254
The Burdett–Banks Correspondence by martin  hopkinson    269
Introductions to Constable’s English Landscape by felicity myrone    273



Holbein by mark evans  277

Leda Among the Modi? by james grantham turner  279

Artists and Armour by alan borg  281

Three Prints by Enea Vico by phyllis dearborn massar  281

Rembrandt’s New Testament Prints by christopher brown  282

Salviati’s Phallic Triumph by martin hopkinson  284

Franz Buffa & Zonen by martin hopkinson  286

Johann Adam Klein by charles booth-clibborn and florian simm  286

Dalziel’s Bible Gallery by martin hopkinson  288

Nineteenth-Century Engravings by martin hopkinson  289

Painting the Bible by donato esposito  290

De Nittis and Tissot by donato esposito  290

Fondo Vittore Grubicy by martin hopkinson  291

Whistler’s Etchings by margaret macdonald  291

Whistlers and Russia by martin hopkinson  292

Rops and Kubin by martin hopkinson  293

Akseli Gallen-Kallela by martin hopkinson  294

Three American Women Etchers of the Etching Revival by martin hopkinson   295

Jan Mankes by martin hopkinson  296

Giannetto Malmerendi by martin hopkinson  297

Early Twentieth-Century Coulour Woodcuts by martin hopkinson  297

German Lithography by christian rümelin  299

Utopia and Revolt by aya soika  300

Italian Orientalist Prints by martin hopkinson  300

Marius Bauer by reba white williams  302

Zoran Music by martin hopkinson  303

Domela by martin hopkinson  303

Galeria Cadaqués by martin hopkinson  304

Rudolf Jahns by christian rümelin   305

Soto by martin hopkinson  305

Elizabeth Catlett by reba white williams  306

The Win Koops Collection by martin hopkinson  306

Norman Lindsay by martin hopkinson  306

Kikie Crêvecoeur by martin hopkinson  308

Jasper Johns by ruth fine  308

Gerald Laing by tessa sidey  310

Matthias Mansen by christian rümelin  312

Europe and America by christian rümelin  313

The Jack May Collection by martin hopkinson  315


Catalogue and Book Reviews

Israhel van Meckenem by nicholas stogdon    316
Pillement by peter fuhring    318
Thomas Bewick by colin campbell    319
The Art of the Japanese Book by julie nelson davis    322
Mexican Prints by reba white williams    324
School Prints by martin  hopkinson    331
Peter Blum by christian rümelin    3333
Avigdor Arikha by glenn sujo    336


Number 4


Caraglio’s Loves of  the Gods by james grantham turner    359
King’s Letter Prints and Paper Crowns by anke a. van wagenberg-ter hoeven   380
The Woodcuts of Matthias Mansen by christian rümelin     400
Enea Vico’s Portrait of  Giovanni dalle Bande Nere by wendy thompson    422
A Print by Francis Hayman Rediscovered by felicity myrone    426



A Late Gothic Altarpiece from Gdańsk by aleksandra koutny-jones  428

Cherubino Alberti, Lelio Orsi and Cornelis Cort by peter parshall and naoko takahatake  430

Swanevelt by susan russell  431

Maria Katharina Prestel by christian rümelin  432

Art Historiography in the Eigthteenth Century by christian rümelin  432

Dighton by simon turner  433

Print Sources on the Internet by chloe evans  434

The Coast in Nineteenth-Century Britain by martin hopkinson  435

Jules Michelin by martin hopkinson  436

Print Collections in Bremen by christian rümelin  437

George Bellows by john fagg  438

Roberto Melli by martin hopkinson  439

Daragnès by martin hopkinson  440

Fine Prints of the Year by martin hopkinson  442

T. František Šimon by martin hopkinson  442

Max Beckmann in Amsterdam by aya soika  442

D'après les maîtres by camilla murgia  443

Chagall and Tériade by valerie holman   444

Sculptor Printmakers by martin hopkinson  445

Jacques Le Chevallier by martin hopkinson  446

Lucio Fontana by martin hopkinson  447

Joseph Beuys by christian rümelin  449

Ralph Hotere by martin hopkinson  451

Ian McCulloch by martin hopkinson  452

Auerbach in Cambridge by christian rümelin  452

Coldwell and Kafka by stephen bury  453

Correction  454


Catalogue and Book Reviews

Italian Prints by marzia faietti    455
The Paragon Press by tessa sidey   460

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