Number 1


Antonio Lafreri’s Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae by peter parshall    3
The Victories of the Emperor Qianlong by tanya szrajber    28
The Use of Woodcuts in Fifteenth-century Italy by roberto cobianchi    47
Prints at the Frankfurt Book Fairs, 1568–1600 by david paisey    54



Schongauer by antony griffiths    61

Rubens and Printmaking by christopher brown    61

Carlo Lasinio by christopher lloyd    62

Hokusai by ellis tinios    63

Violence et Chaos by antony griffiths    64

Klinger by anna schultz    65

Political Posters by antony griffiths    65

Maurice Estève and the Monotype by martin hopkinson    67

Anselmo Bucci by martin hopkinson    67

Jan Matulka by dave williams    68

Whistler and Music by martin hopkinson    69

Harry Eccleston by martin hopkinson    70

A Portrait of the Artist by thomas döring    70

Mounting Prints and Drawings   71


Catalogue and Book Reviews

Holbein by christian rümelin    72
Prints at French Salons, 1673–1800  by linda  whiteley    76
Sexual Imagery of the Edo Period by miriam  wattles     78
Samuel Carter Hall and The Art Journal, by donato esposito    81
Victorian Illustrators by stephen wildman    83
Brücke by aya soika    85
Klee by gregor wedekind    88


Number 2


Landscape in the Fontainebleau School Print by catherine jenkins    111
Publishing Prints in Eighteenth-century Mexico City by kelly donahue-wallace    134
Kirchner’s Brücke Poster by sherwin simmons    155
Master ES in a Budapest Manuscript by anna tüskés    173
An Etching and Lelio Orsi’s House by catherine king    176
Paper Icons by Nikodem Zubrzycki by waldemar deluga    182



Altdorfer by christian rümelin    186

Stefano Della Bella by joanna norman    186

Nolli, Vasi and Piranesi by jonathan scott    187

The Tableaux Historiques de la Revolution Française by antony griffiths    188

Pietro Antonio Martini    189

Reproductive Prints by christopher lloyd    189

Extra-Illustration by antony griffiths    189

Yoshitoshi and Japanese Portrait Prints by ellis tinios    189

Whistler in Canberra by martin hopkinson    191

Cuno Amiet by therese bhattacharya-stettler    191

Breton Printmaking, 1880-1960 by martin hopkinson    193

The First World War in Italian Art by martin hopkinson    194

 Giuseppe Guidi by martin hopkinson    195

The Young Afro by martin hopkinson    196

Alechinsky by roger cardinal    196

Max Bill by robin kinross    197

Christiane Baumgartner by christian rümelin    198

James Dodds by martin hopkinson    198

Origins of Modernity by martin hopkinson    199

Copper Plates    200

Harold Wright Symposium by irena zdanowicz    200

The David Brown Collection by martin hopkinson    200

Print Collector's Quarterly by antony griffiths    201

The Williams Prize    202


Catalogue and Book Reviews

Raphael and Marcantonio by michael bury    202
Töpffer, Grandville and Doré by david kunzle    203
Popular Prints in Brazil by peter burke    208
Baumeister by daniel  f. herrmann    213


Number 3


Chinese Prints and their European Prototypes: Schall’s Jincheng shuxiang, by nicolas standaert     231
The Dating of Tiepolo’s Capricci and Scherzi, by jaco rutgers    254
The Klinger Collection of Feliks Manggha-Jasien´ ski by agnieszka kluczewska-wójcik    264
French Woodcuts for a Spanish Audience by mark p. mcdonald    288
An Undescribed Print by Pietro Faccini by aidan weston-lewis    295
Frank Auerbach’s Ruth, by james  hyman     299



Early Prints in Poland by anna rachwald    302

Interactive and Sculptural Prints by suzanne karr schmidt    302

French Gardens of the Enlightenment by john harris    304

Gainsborough's Cottage Door by martin hopkinson    305

Black Victorians by jean michel massing    306

Tenniel by paul goldman    307

Nineteenth-Century Yachting Prints by martin hopkinson    308

Views of Dordrecht by martin hopkinson    309

French Posters by antony griffiths    309

Degas, Sickert and Toulouse-Lautrec by christopher lloyd    309

Théo Van Rysselberghe by martin hopkinson    310

Alice Bailly by martin hopkinson    311

The Private Journals of Edvard Munch by martin hopkinson    312

Adolfo de Carolis by martin hopkinson    312

The Revival of Woodcut in the Romagna by martin hopkinson    313

Franz Marc by christian rümelin    315

Ugo Ojetti by martin hopkinson    315

Frans Masereel by martin hopkinson    316

Kirchner by aya soika    318

Dufy Lithographs by martin hopkinson    318

De Pisis in Ferrara by martin hopkinson    319

Swiss Geometric Constructivism by martin hopkinson    319

Rex Nankivell by tessa sidey    320

Jacques Villeglé by martin hopkinson    320

Gérard Fromanger by martin hopkinson    321

Rufino Tamayo and Mimmo Paladino by martin hopkinson    322

Joe Tilson by martin hopkinson    322

Ellsworth Kelly by gill saunders    325

Britsh Wood-Engraving by christian rümelin    326

Thierry le Saëc by martin hopkinson    326

The National Sound Archive by martin hopkinson    327

The Print Council's Index by lauren hewes    328

Dealer Catalogues by antony griffiths    329


Catalogue and Book Reviews

The Incunabula of European Printmaking by jean michel massing    329
Prints in the French Renaissance by catherine jenkins    332
Early Victorian Illustrated Books by william vaughan    334
Paul Drury by colin  harrison    335
Bawden by pat gilmour    337


Number 4


A Genealogy for the Count Duke of Olivares by mark p. mcdonald    359
Bosse’s Etchings of Women’s Coteries by elise goodman    383
The Cotton Series of Lamar Baker by lynn barstis williams    391
Etienne Dupérac and Pirro Ligorio by cristina bragaglia venuti    408
A Proof of Cathelin’s Portrait of Louis Tocqué, by david maskill    414
Three Hockney Prints Rediscovered by marco livingstone    417



Sculptures after Mantegna by michael bury    421

Speculum by louis cellauro    421

Giolito by michael bury    422

British Printed Images by michael hunter    423

The London Book Trade in the Eighteenth Century by martin hopkinson    423

Patrick McMorland's Aquatint of Rev. Samuel Medley by martin hopkinson    423

John Martin by a. e. wright    424

Japanese Popular Prints by ellis tinios    424

Japanese Kite Prints by ellis tinios    425

Ruskin's Teaching Collection by martin hopkinson    425

The Work of Art and its Reproduction by martin hopkinson    425

The Femme Fatale in Popular Illustration by gill saunders    426

American Etching by martin hopkinson    427

Tissot by martin hopkinson    427

 Whistler in Montgomery by martin hopkinson    429

Rops and Munch by martin hopkinson    429

Bing by martin hopkinson    430

Derain and Matisse by martin hopkinson    431

Portrait Printmaking in the Veneto by martin hopkinson    432

E. Herbert Whydale by martin hopkinson    432

The Concorso della Regina by martin hopkinson    433

Clarence Gagnon by martin hopkinson    434

Frank Brangwyn by martin hopkinson    436

Breton Prints by martin hopkinson    438

Printmaking in Switzerland by christian rümelin    439

Jan Jordens by martin hopkinson    440

Tranquillo Marangoni by martin hopkinson    442

Italo Cremona by martin hopkinson    442

Riopelle by martin hopkinson    443

Cécile Wick by christian rümelin    446

Human Anatomy in Art by peter black    446

David Woodward by martha tedeschi    447


Catalogue and Book Reviews

Mantegna by david landau    449
Dutch and Flemish Artists in Munich by dorothy limouze    451
The Other Prints in the Age of Rembrandt by nadine m. orenstein    454
Ornament Prints in the Rijksmuseum by nick savage    457
A New Encyclopaedia of Japanese Woodcuts by miriam  wattles    459
Artist as Narrator by donato esposito    460

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