Drawings for the Woodcut Illustrations to Alessandro Velluto’s 1544 Commentary on Dante's Comedia by rhoda eitel-porter 3
The Portuguese Genealogy of Wenceslaus Hollar and the Lost Lisbon Monuments by François Duquesnoy by joseph connors 17
Fox-Hunt Garbage’: Umberto Boccioni and British Illustration by niccolò d'agati 31

Shorter Notice
Gaetano Gandolfi’s Album of Prints by Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo by donatella biagi maino 45

Lucas van Leyden in the Munich Printroom by jeroen luyckx 56
Dürer and the Reformation by larry silver 57
Sebastian Münster’s Cosmographia by jean michel massing 58
Fontainebleau Recycled by henri zerner 60
Percy Moore Turner (1877–1950) by antony griffiths 62
Artistic Training and Aesthetic Education since 1500 by angela nikolai 63
Chinese Wallpaper in Britain and Ireland by ming wilson 64
Prints and Connoisseurship, Adam von Bartsch by armin kunz 66
Tattoos in Japanese Prints by ellis tinios 68
Revolutionary Iconography in European Prints by desmond-bryan kraege 70
Hokusai’s Great Wave by hans bjarne thomsen 71
French Caricature During the Reign of Louis Philippe by camilla murgia 74
Matthijs Maris (1839–1917) by martin hopkinson 75
Paul Klee (1879–1940) by gregor wedekind 78
Reaper: Richard Hamilton and Sigfried Giedion by stephen j. bury 81
Post-World War II Printmaking in Paris by jonas storsve 84
KP Brehmer (1938–97) by paul coldwell 86
Tony Cragg (b. 1949) by paul coldwell 88
Flatbed Press at 25 by james randell 90
Publications Received 92

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Prints at the Court of Fontainebleau by femke speelberg 93
Prints After Michelangelo by michael bury 98
La Dynastie Bonnart by antony griffiths 103
Enlightened Collector and Writer Ceán Bermúdez by mark mcdonald 106
Prints in Paris c. 1900 by mary weaver chapin 111

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