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The Female Nude: Ways of Seeing exhibition opens 10th May 2019
A challenging appraisal of the female nude will open shortly at the University of Kent’s Studio 3 Gallery.

‘The Female Nude: Ways of Seeing’ – will focus on the representation of the female nude throughout art history, rethinking how the nude reinforces gender stereotypes. And it will raise questions of contemporary debate such as feminism, body image and identity.

The exhibition will run from the 10th May – 26th May 2019, from Monday until Friday 10:00 – 17:00. Confirmed artists include: Pablo Picasso, Honoré Daumier, Ellen von Wiegand, Guerilla Girls, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Jim Dine, John Piper, Julian Opie, Marilene Oliver.

Co-author and curator of ‘The Female Nude: Ways of Seeing’, Carola D’Ambrosio said:
“The exhibition will stand as a visual statement of the progression taking place within the world of art but also as reflective of wider cultural attitudes. Movements such as the #MeToo and Times Up have spread widely in the last year, and there is a constant attention reserved for the narrative of the female body which is not yet fully explored in the medium of print. In highlighting these outlooks we aim to rethink the female nude and encourage viewers to experience the subject from a range of different perspectives.”

‘The Female Nude: Ways of Seeing’ will be the eighth exhibition to run as part of the University’s School of Art’s award-winning module ‘Print Collecting and Curating’, organized solely by undergraduate students. It will exhibit works from the Kent Print Collection, established in 2005.




Arezzo Summer course 2019

Another year has passed, bringing with it the Arezzo Summer course of 2019. This year, another stunning array of lecturers, and visits to the drawing and print rooms in Rome and Bologna hosted by their respective curators. Also this year – as an additional option – we will be offering participants the opportunity to take part in a 3-day ‘immersion’ in hands-on printmaking techniques at the legendary Stamperia il Bisonte’, Florence (http://www.ilbisonte.it/). Founded in 1959 by Maria Luigia Guaita and run today by her grandson, the Stamperia has collaborated closely with most of the greatest names in 20th-century art: Severini, Carrà, Magnelli, Bartolini, Guttuso, Calder, Sutherland, Henry Moore and Pablo Picasso.
Please visit the Arezzo Summer Course website here and download the brochure (PDF here) and pre-registration form (PDF here).


Thijs Collection of devotional images and texts is now online

The Special Collections division of the University of Antwerp Library is pleased to announce that ca. 1100 objects from the extensive collection of the historian, collector and scholar Alfons K.L. Thijs can now be consulted via an online catalogue created by the University of Antwerp.

Click here for the Thjis Collection at the University of Antwerp Library website


Mantegna Kentridge


Print Quarterly Platform Series: Paul Coldwell in conversation with William Kentridge
Lecture Theatre
Camberwell College of Art
May 2018




APS is a new group for print enthusiasts that will bring together the diverse print community—curators, collectors, academics, grad students, artists, paper conservators, critics, independent scholars, and dealers. APS’s goals are to facilitate dialogue among its members and encourage print scholarship.

Printed-Editions.com is a website dedicated to prints.  The site is endorsed by over 150 of the world’s leading galleries who between them have listed more that 16,000 artworks ranging from prints by Old and Modern Masters to contemporary and emerging artists. As well as being a destination site for collectors to source and buy prints direct from galleries, Printed Editions also seeks to inform art collectors about the world of prints.

Print Quarterly Internship

Print Quarterly, the leading scholarly journal on prints and printmaking, is offering a voluntary, one- or two-day-per-week internship to a graduate student in art history.

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The International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA) is a non-profit organisation of leading art dealers, galleries, and publishers with expertise in the field of fine prints. Members are committed to the highest standards of quality, ethics, and connoisseurship, and to promoting a greater appreciation of fine prints among collectors and the general public.


The Burlington Magazine is the world's leading monthly publication devoted to the fine and decorative arts.



Art in Print is both a website and a bi-monthly journal devoted to the artist’s print from ancient China to 21st-century Brooklyn. It offers subscribers/members daily updates on news of the print world, links to essential print resources and important and timely writing by an international array of curators, critics, artists and scholars.